I put in some long plate gold pin tubes and it did sound clearer and slightly more pleasing approaching soft clip levels, but it just wasn’t a GREAT improvement. Over all, you get what you pay for, but I suggest saving up for a UA Solo 610 or a Grace Design or whatever. It’s worth the extra few $$$ over this price range of preamps. The analog side of this guy isn’t at all bad. Though I have to crank my input gain up to the next to highest click just to get the signal-to-noise ratio to a decent level and the meters to register, I then have plenty of headroom to get all the output gain I need.

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  • Nothing is perfect, so I am giving the ART VLA Pro-II a 4.5 rating–but I am trying to think of anything I don’t like about it…and can’t.
  • There is no input volume control, so it keeps the signal untouched before it hit the valves and compressor.
  • If I only had Art Pro VLAs to mix, I would be capable of do a good job.
  • The Fethead has an input impedance of 22k which is crazy high.

Ive always really appreciated my MPA GOLD, and the unit is well built for the price so I expected nothing less from the VLA. All the reviews are raving about this, but I was not impressed, it makes things more “cluttered/muddy” sounding, so yes it will warm up your mix, but leave you with other problems as well . I tend to lean on the side of clear and open, but if youre into clutter and mud this is what you want.

Art’s Description

The problem is the bulbs and now led lights keep burning out and the low cut filter knobs have stripped. We are not teenagers in this studio and have 40 yrs. It is a real irritant to have lights consultant keep going out on your gear. So in summary no I won’t be buying another of these units. They look sweet and retro but I’ll now have to replace the “improved led lights for the 3rd time. Work just okay on electric Guitars and Bass’s, for acoustic Guitars to really sucks.

Art Pro Audio Prochannel Ii Channel Strip W

I would like to know if anyone else has any comments they can give about it. More recently, we replaced the stock Chinese tubes with the Mullard equivalent & the difference is pretty satisfying. That said, experimenting with a few different tubes is essential to fully appreciating the sound quality and potential of this unit. A quick peek inside reveals just what one might expect. A clean, well laid out circuit board and two 12AX7 preamp tubes.

Art Pro Channel Vs Art Mpa Gold

And it is very easy to blend between a more saturated tube tone and an almost solid state characteristic using the low cut filters and various impedance selections. I just love how this preamp makes it so easy to record using multiple mics and the mid/side matrix and stereo blend option does that trick very well. I would highly recommend this preamp to any home studio owner or even a pro environment to add a high quality, affordable tube preamp to their collection. The difference between my stock preamps in my FireWire Interface and the ART Pro are like night and day.

These are very good preamp, you can make a session with as they can add a multitude of colors to catch . This is a serious product that has its place alongside other more prestigious because it has its own sound. Besides a large number of studios deemed to have, so I could try. For the price range, it’s hard to beat this unit.

This filter has a smooth 6dB/octave cut that can be swept from 10Hz to 200Hz. Front End Audio is an authorized dealer for all the product lines we sell. What that means for you is that anything purchased through Front End Audio is guaranteed 100% authentic gear and carries a full manufacturer’s warranty.

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