Navigation structure used to determine the relative position of detail than machines or cutting tools.

Structure, detail positioning
This structure covers key Pi, short cylindrical pin, long cylindrical latch, latch fillings, block V, etc … mandrel
– Structure grip
Clamping structure that keeps the details not be shifted when outsourcing. Clamping structure is divided into several categories.
a) Classification by structure
– Simple clamping mechanism (due to an implementation detail).
– Structure clamp combination (by two or more implementation details, such as: threaded screws – levers, lever – eccentric wheel, etc …).
b) Distribution by resources
– Screw clamp structure.
– Structure mechanical clamping (pneumatic, vacuum clamps, clamp electronically and joining together this type).
– Automatic clamping structure
c) Sub-clamp method
– Clamp a more detailed or

– The structure of the navigation
This is to keep the direction of the structure from being shifted because knife cutting force, clamping force, vibration. This structure has two types of silver and lead and lead plates are often used on drilling machines, boring machines.
– The structure comparison knives
The structure used to adjust the knife against the cutting tool position relative to the machine table, fixtures or workpiece. Structure than knives used in the milling machine and called primaries knife.
– Grading structure
Grading structure or be used on drilling and milling machine to spin the rotary (on the workpiece has hinged) away at an angle to drill holes or milling surfaces separated by an angle of rotation angle.
– Body jig, jig soles
Body jig, jig soles other names are the details basis. These details are often referred to as the base substrate square, round or threaded holes toothed other details to catch onto it tightly. Details are detailed basis so as to connect different parts of fixtures.
– Details reassembling
These are the bolts, nuts, … used in the assembly of fixtures parts together. These details are usually manufactured according to standards.
– Structure grip jig positioning on the machine table
This structure is often the key navigation (in jig milling, drilling) and U-shaped grooves on the body soles to grip jig fixtures on the desk.

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