As the number of APIs continues to grow, the need for developers and enterprises to monitor and manage them in a secure and scalable way increases. At their simplest level, Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) enable communication between disparate software applications. Developers can connect APIs from different companies and services to achieve specific results. From independent mobile developers and web developers to large enterprises and governmental agencies, APIs are increasingly leveraged across industries and use cases.

api management solutions

Boomi is a platform, acquired by Dell in , offering an API management platform for designing, securing, and scaling APIs. You can use Boomi’s visual API experience for configuration, manage security through the gateway, and enable analytics monitoring through the dashboard. Deploy API gateways on-premises, in Azure, or in other clouds, apply complex authorization policies, automate docs creation, and create a user-friendly developer portal, all in a convenient environment that only such an industry leader can offer. While Apigee, by Google Cloud, offers many of the same cloud-centric scalability benefits and API management toolsets, the main selling point for Apigee is the generation of analytics. Apigee offers a wide range of analytics from API traffic visualization to machine-learning algorithms used to detect issues within the codebase and other such anomalies.

Top 8 API Management Solutions

AWS was early to the game with the introduction of EC2 storage in 2006, but by 2010, Google and Microsoft would introduce their own cloud-computing platforms4. This includes smaller providers, like Linode, which virtualized its servers in 20085. As a member of the German HR Team providing expertise in all Labor Relations matters and proactively driving the cooperation with Employee Representatives in an international environment. Aligning with Global Functions on local labour relations requirements and supporting the implementation of Global HR initiatives and processes locally. Cloud Application Integration provides you access to the execution state and data of each process instance to provide complete visibility. If an error is caught, the process automatically suspends it and you can resume its execution when the problem is corrected.

To get started with API management using API Gateway, check out the following blog posts from popular blogs such as the AWS News Blog and the AWS Compute Blog. For more helpful resources, including documentation and developer guides, visit the API Gateway resources page. Visit Informatica’s Data Management Solutions for Government Agencies site to learn more.

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Regular security audits, timely software updates, and employee training in security best practices are also essential to stay ahead of evolving threats and maintaining data and service integrity and confidentiality. This gateway allows a user to put enterprise or organizational policies on top of the APIs, including log-in rules, standard security, rate limiting and even monetization. Targeted at enterprises practicing cloud-native development, TIBCO Cloud Mashery was designed to be used alongside DevOps, microservices and containers. It includes tools for API creation, a developer API portal, an API gateway and analytics. Its customers include BNP Paribas, Sportradar, Athena Health, Egnyte, Argos, Macy’s, Fandango and others. Red Hat purchased 3scale in 2016, and in the time since, it has integrated the API management platform with its other cloud and Agile development offerings.

api management solutions

Neglecting API modernization puts organizations at serious security risk. Outdated API systems often lack crucial security features, leaving them vulnerable to attacks like data breaches, unauthorized access, and DDoS attacks. Weak authentication and authorization can compromise user data and system integrity. The absence of real-time monitoring also makes organizations blind to ongoing threats, giving malicious actors a chance to exploit weaknesses unnoticed. They are needed when a company adopts a lot of APIs in a short period of time or for organizations that want to share and monetize their APIs. Once this has been created, DreamFactory then offers some pretty basic management tools – that being said, the main selling point is of course the automatic creation and the ability to control with great granularity the final results.

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This means using strong authentication methods like API keys, JWT, OAuth and OIDC for secure access control. Employing encryption like HTTPS/TLS ensures safe data transfer, while rate limiting and throttling prevent abuse and DDoS attacks. Real-time monitoring and analytics tools offer insights into API traffic, enabling early threat detection and quick response to security incidents.

  • It includes tools for API creation, a developer API portal, an API gateway and analytics.
  • Application Programming Interface management, or API management, consists of a set of tools and services that enable developers and companies to build, analyze, operate, and scale APIs in secure environments.
  • Anypoint Connectors are pre-built, out-of-the-box assets and tools that connect different systems allowing organizations to implement integrations quickly.
  • While the interface is more complicated then something like xx, it has way more features that are really useful.
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Share your insights on the blog, speak at an event or exhibit at our conferences and create new business relationships with decision makers and top influencers responsible for API solutions. In 2013, Nordic APIs was formed to help organizations become more innovative, lean, and efficient. Nordic APIs has grown into one of only a few all-API-related event series held anywhere in the world, and it’s the Nordics largest international community for API practitioners and enthusiasts. Through the global reach of our blog we’re connected to tens-of-thousands of API practitioners from around the world. As you can see, the wealth of options in the API management provider space is truly staggering. Read the documentation and peruse these web presences, and with the correct choice, any one of these providers could deliver excellent value, form, and function.

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Optimize the performance of your development teams by employing a codeless UI to build new integrations using drag-and-drop interfaces, making complex integrations simple. Speed up new initiatives with pre-built templates to get teams up and running more quickly, even for very involved scenarios. API management solutions have become the gold standard for securing API integrations in an enterprise setting. Using a managed solution, enterprises can encrypt all of their data and require signatures to ensure the right users are accessing their data. Informatica has achieved a TX-RAMP Level 2 certification for the Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services (IICS) platform. With this designation, Texas government agencies can now leverage the industry-leading platform within the Government Cloud environment.

api management solutions

An API analytics solution provides data collection, analytics themselves, and visualization services. An API management platform provides tools for creating a developer portal to varying levels of customization. While Informatica offers a “suite” of tools for dealing with API lifecycle management like others on this list, the real selling point for its particular implementation is its IDE. The IDE used by Informatica doesn’t require any code, and boasts a wide range of features including replication, ingestion, and synchronization. This could tip the scales in Informaticas favor for developers just starting their API journey, as the offering of both an IDE and a full-featured management suite is extremely alluring.

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We’ve shared what features you should be looking for, but also pay close attention to detailed docs and tutorials as it will be hard to adopt new workflows if people find it difficult to work with a new system. API management has customizable user registration flows and allows for self-service API key management. This can be helpful when you’re not confident about your new releases and want to route only a fraction of traffic to a new version. That way, you can control how much traffic hits a new version and gradually increase it so it doesn’t cause a system-wide outage. The gateway will be able to combine several endpoints, fetch data from different services, and aggregate them into one response for the client. Become a part of the world’s largest community of API practitioners and enthusiasts.

As we mentioned, APIs allow these smaller components to connect with data sources and each other. F5 API security solutions elevate your DevSecOps practice by adopting “security as code” declarative policies that integrate with existing pipeline tools. Take the burden off developers so they can focus on delivering better code, faster, with every release. API Management is a set of processes, policies, principles, API Management and practices that allow owners to gain control over their API. The integrated systems that make-up API management are born out of a large set of questions that project managers, developers, and team leads hope to answer. APIs should be built using access controls, commonly known as authentication and authorization, that grant users permission to access certain systems, resources, or information.

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Cognizant is one of the world’s leading professional services companies, transforming clients’ business, operating, and technology models for the digital era. Our unique industry-based, consultative approach helps clients envision, build, and run more innovative and efficient businesses. Headquartered in the U.S., Cognizant, a member of the NASDAQ-100, is ranked 205 on the Fortune 500 and is consistently listed among the most admired companies in the world.

One of the big benefits of Kong is that it is entirely platform agnostic, running equally well on containerized system as it does on cloud solutions. This makes it a great choice for providers utilizing proprietary APIs or APIs that are distributed over multiple data centers and systems. AMPLIFY’s main offering differentiates itself by covering the entirety of the API lifecycle. While other providers may integrate with an existent API, AMPLIFY’s offerings start with the API creation itself. In addition, AMPLIFY offers the ability to transform legacy services into modern APIs, introducing the codebase into the Axway systems and providing security, management, and monitoring throughout the entire lifecycle. Today’s enterprise businesses have data and assets in multiple locations, ranging from on premises to multiple cloud environments.

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Note that most of such tools provide pricing only on request, so you’ll be able to make a choice only after reviewing free trial functionality yourself and considering the prices that they give you. Having a unified API catalog helps anyone in an organization find what APIs already exist so they don’t create similar APIs when they need them. An API management platform usually has self-services API registration capabilities that allow people to log APIs in common definitions, which can be then sent for approval or trigger notifications. Last but not least is the ability to configure API policies via a graphical user interface.

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